About Us

For the Love of Metalsmithing

Dani Cremer has spent the past 27 years honing his craft to ensure the pieces that he creates today are nothing short of perfection. His handmade clasps, made with 925 silver and 9/14k gold, are a wonderful feat of engineering, uniquely designed to enhance the beauty of each item, and ensure an exceptional finish.

"At age 23, on a tour of Europe, I discovered the world of metalworking, and since then it has become the essence of my life"

Dani modeling some of his works:
 a massive signet ring, handmade titanum chain
and a hat jewel with a 9k gold clasp

For the Love of Fine & Stylish Things

Dani Cremer Jewelry represents the finer things in life. We aim to please those who appreciate high quality, hand-crafted jewelry and those who place a high value on their appearance.

For the Love of the Bespoke

Our jewels are made of 925 silver, 9/14k gold, titanium, diamonds, precious/semi-precious gemstones and leather. Each piece is individually crafted and made-to-order in Dani's workshop.

Dani's workshop, the making of a titanium chain